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In a time before metal nails and man-made fibers here in Hawaiʻi, there existed a native plant found nowhere else in the world except for the lush valleys of these bountiful islands.  It was given the name Olonā. 

The fibers of the olonā were woven into light-weight, pliable cordage, and became recognized as the strongest and most durable fiber in the world.  As such, the uses for this cultivated fiber by these ancestors were many - including the foundational backing for ʻahu ʻula, the famed feather capes worn by chiefs, mahiʻole or chiefly helmets, fishing net and line, water gourd carriers, and rope for voyaging canoes.  In essence, these fibers bound together the fabric of society, fastening the most precious tools and adornments these ancestors possessed. 

Just as the fibers of olonā were once gracefully woven to lash together the bodies of canoes carrying ancestors great distances over this oceanic planet, Olonā Media seeks to weave with intention the fibers of creative visuals and impactful storytelling to create a solid and lasting cordage that meaningfully binds and connects. Stories are the cordage of time and place, linking one person to another, bridging past, present, and future, and giving life essence to each and everything around us.  Let us fasten together the body of our collective human experience and weave the intricate tapestry of our interconnectedness in this beautiful voyage of life. 

Let olonā help you, connect. 

Me ke aloha pau ʻole,

Justyn Ah Chong
Filmmaker/Owner, Olonā Media, LLC