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Hāna Kū is a local saying that is used in Hāna which refers to the more rustic, back country people who live simply, yet richly.

As an event series, Hāna Kū focuses on the refined practices of the kuaʻāina, celebrating them in a way that helps to inspire their practice to reach another level. Hāna Kū encapsulates the fundamental values of the native practitioners who are traditional hunters/fishermen/farmers/gatherers of Hāna. They are the experts of this land and sea. They know intimately the organic food sources, when to gather them and how to gather and maintain them. Although a big part of this expertise is a result of being able to survive and feed your family, the passing on of traditional knowledge of place from generation to generation is the real beauty that we want to highlight. It is that reciprocal relationship between kanaka and ʻāina that continues to feed, teach and allow both to thrive.  

Client: Ala Kukui