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Hawaiian slack key musician Aja Gample's rendition of  "Tewe Tewe."  This song tells the story the ʻoʻopu nui (large native freshwater goby) and the way it writhes back and forth, in and out, as it is captured and embraced in the net.  As with most mele Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian songs) the story we hear is just the surface level.  The motions of the hula clue us in, and the deeper meaning and innuendo lives in the metaphorical layers just beneath.

"Tewe Tewe"
Aja Gample

Director: Justyn Ah Chong
Director of Photography: Abraham Williams
1st AC: Ajita White
2nd AC: Aja Brennan
Gaffers: Keoki Smith & Jason Freitas
Grips: Benjamin "Bali" Tumahai & Scott Lisetor
Hair & Make-Up: Joye Chang
Production Assits: Jordyn Ah Chong & Mark Mullins
Editor: Kaʻolonānalapaʻa
Colorist: Abraham Williams 
Featuring: Ioane Goodhue
              Hālau Olana
                  Hālau Kawaiʻulaokalā